Training Tips

Getting More For Less! – Improving Your Running Technique

A good running technique will improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury. Whether running long distances or short sprints, efficiency of effort is a vital. This helps to minimise stresses on your joints whilst getting the most from your muscles and cardio-vascular system.

So what is a good technique? In my view, the most important factors are coordination and balance. This ensures your muscles are delivering the right amount of effort at exactly the right time. A relaxed running style improves co-ordination, balance and breathing, whilst naturally increasing stride length.
Here are a few basic tips.

– Keep a relaxed, upright posture.
– Let your lower leg swing through – don’t kick.
– Relax your neck and shoulders.
– Land on the ball of your foot.
– Let your foot land under your body.
– Use the speed of your arms to alter your pace.

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Roy Palmer MSTAT

Roy is a teacher of The Alexander Technique and runs courses on running technique at The Centre For Complementary Health.