About Hullabaloo

The Huntingdon 10K and 3K Fun Run are organised by Hullabaloo to raise funds for charitable projects.

In our “Outreach” programme we also provide support in ways other than purely financial to those sections of the community who are disenfranchised by virtue of age, incapacity or isolation from living a normal, active life.

Looking for a new social option? Want to do some good in the local community? Hullabaloo is a club for the Huntingdon area combining opportunities for socialising with the chance to participate in charity fundraising events and service to benefit the local and wider community. New members are always welcome.

Meetings and events include anything from a pub meal to making up a quiz team, visiting a music venue or joining a weekend ramble. You choose which appeals to you, there is no obligation to attend every meeting so long as we see you regularly.