Children and Grandparents join Hunts 1K Fun Run

older runnersBy Jessica Auton,
A recent World Health Organization (WHO) report estimated that within the WHO European Region, almost one million deaths a year are attributable to insufficient physical activity. In many countries, therefore, physical inactivity is now considered one of the major causes of death.
In  a recent opening address to the General Assembly, WHO’s Director-General  expressed deep concern about the increase worldwide of childhood obesity, with numbers climbing fastest in developing countries.
Inactivity is the one thing you can change most easily, providing the greatest benefit to your health and wellbeing. Starting small with an increase in walking, adding more walking activities within your daily routine will bring benefits to your health.  Best of all, it’s free and available all hours!
Overwhelming research shows you could reduce the risk of a range of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, some cancers, dementia and a host of mental illness symptoms just with 60 minutes activity each day. Notice that we do not say exercise, just activity.
Building up your stamina through walking, with an aim to achieve 10,000 steps daily once you are fitter equates to about 60-70 mYouth Runnersinutes of moderate activity every day.
You may not have the time to do this amount of walking in one session, so spread it out during the course of your day. You could park further from work or get off the bus or train a stop earlier and walk the remaining part of your journey. At Activ8rlives we call this “Park and Stride”.
Take the stairs and not the lift, or walk to the shops for those last minute groceries rather than driving. Be creative but take time to enjoy the pleasure and the health benefits of being more active. It saves money too. Starting a car for short journeys uses more fuel because the car engine is cold. It’s much cheaper to walk or cycle. Please always seek advice from your Doctor before you embark on a new programme of exercise.