Do you know your health numbers?

Check them out at the Huntingdon 10K Spectator Village

We’re not talking about the lottery numbers or your Fun Run  number for the Hunts 1K or 3K Fun Run. We’re talking about keeping track of your health. You need to do more than pay attention to how you feel and answering your GPs questions. You need to take care of yourself – keep track of your health numbers.

In the UK 42% of adults of all ages are currently living with a long-term health condition so this advice is valid for everyone from the age of 18 through to the centenarians amongst us.

What health numbers really matter? In the first instance, there’s a very good reason why the GP or clinician will ask you to step on a set of scales and get your blood pressure reading. Regardless of the   health condition you have, weight and blood pressure are important measures of health. These  measurements are more crucial for some patients than for others. If you have heart failure, which means that your heart can’t pump enough blood and oxygen to the rest of your body, a few extra kilos on the scale could mean that your condition has taken a serious turn for the worse. And if you have heart disease, a sudden rise or drop in blood pressure – or a change in pulse rate – could be a red flag that requires immediate medical action.

Ask your GP or your Pharmacist to explain which health numbers are especially important to your health. Depending on your health condition, you may have to check them monthly, weekly, or even daily and you can do these at home to give you peace of mind, insights as to how your behaviours change your readings and how the adoption of healthier behaviours and taking medication correctly could bring your numbers into a healthier range.

Activ8rlives provides the perfect place to record all your health numbers, empowering you to selfmanage your own health through self-monitoring.Being active, eating well and staying healthy is what we help you achieve. You own this data and it is securely stored by us. It is never pass or sold  on to any other organisation. At any time you can choose to give access to any healthcare provider  or carer if you wish to.

Come along and get a FREE Wellness Check at the Activ8rlives stand in the Spectators Village at the Hunts 10K Run and be better informed about your health numbers.

Jessica Auton