Fuel Rules for Runners – part 3

CupcakeHere’s our wrap-up about healthy & “performance” eating for runners. The bottom line is that improving your diet can help your running and your health. In these last fuel rules for runners, we focus on the treats, the importance of hydration and how running and good nutrition can help manage your weight.
Three final rules to help keep you in tip top running condition.

RULE 9: Occasional indulgencies: Don’t go without. We all need a treat from time to time. Allow yourself a dessert, sweet or treat to satisfy your cravings, just watch the amount and the portion size.

RULE 10: Stay hydrated: Healthy runners know hydration is essential to boost performance. It will also help protect your first-line defences against infection and helps fight off fatigue. Be careful what you drink. Stay off the fizzy drinks which can be sugar-laden, as are fruit drinks. If you’re a latte or cappuccino fan, consider switching to an early morning tea or coffee.
And don’t forget the water! Drink plain, simple water during the day and particularly when you are preparing to go out for a run. You may also want to take water with you if yo are running more than three or four miles.
And finally… for those trying to lose weight by running.

RULE 11: Know how much fuel an active body needs: Dieters often under-eat in their efforts to lose weight. There’s no need to try to lose weight on 1,000 calories a day when you can more successfully lose weight by eating 2,000 calories. Eat too few calories and you risk your body hibernating to endure the enforced famine, particularly if you are exercising. To lose weight and keep it off making small changes to save between 100 and 200 calories a day can help you lose 10 to 20 pounds of fat a year.

So there it is. A set of simple nutritional rules which can keep you running and healthy. And if you’re running in the Hunts10k, best of luck with your own personal best!