2015 Runners’ Survey results

Thank you to everyone who responded to our 2015 post-race feedback questionnaire with an overwhelming vote of satisfaction for the day. Below are a number of Qs that have arisen from our questionnaires and the answers are aimed at helping our runners and supporters get the best experience they can from the day. As organisers of the Hunts 10k we strive to meet our aims to encourage people to take up healthy activity and raise money for local good causes which are distributed through the Hunts 10k Trust. Hopefully the answers will help you understand that we strive to maximise the money raised for good causes by keeping costs to a minimum, but at the same time ensure we provide a safe and enjoyable day. Don’t forget that we rely on an enormous amount of freely provided support and help to enable the event to take place.

If you don’t see a question that is relevant to your query please send a question to:


Q: Can race packs be posted out in advance?
A: This has been considered but is expensive and time consuming. We will be looking at making on-the day pick up a lot quicker for next year.

Q: No doubt to help yourselves and make registration/pick up easier can the registration tent have more tables and easier to see surname letters?
A: A new layout is planned for next year to address this.


Q: Great location and maps and facilities were good, my only question is that can a large banner be provided at main road entrance so that we know which way to go and that a large banner shows the kit storage and toilet areas?
A: Larger banners will be produced next year to help out on this.

Q: Can toilets be provided with hand gel and paper
A: More will be provided next year to address this.


Q: Areas of the course were uneven and slippery can this be improved?
A: Each year we try to remove as many major obstacles that we can, but we do get a lot of favourable responses for having a mixed terrain event. We also consider alternative routes and as the Alconbury Weald development progresses we’ll be able to use more interesting and paved routes within the development.

Q: Can water be provided in bottles at the water stations?
A: Unfortunately bottles are a trip/slip hazard when so many are discarded onto the course after use. However, we do recognise the difficulty with the plastic cups so we will be looking at how we can improve things for next year.


Q: Could there be more stalls and activities?
A: We are always looking for more to provide at the Spectator Village but a key aim is to use local charities so that they can raise awareness and money by providing information, food and drink, a few activities, etc. If there is any organisation who might like a stall at next year’s event, please let us know. We also want to strike a balance of providing refreshment and children’s activities but not detracting from the main aim i.e. THE RACES

Q: Can different types of coffee be supplied?
A: Getting a professional supplier on site is proving very difficult and expensive but something we are always looking at – do you know anyone who might be able to help? However, the coffee and tea was supplied by a local charity raising valuable funds for their cause.

Q: Could more healthy food be supplied instead of bacon rolls and burgers?
A: We are looking for alternatives (any ideas who might have a stall for next year?), but if you don’t eat too many it won’t do you any harm! Again, the food supplied by a local charity helping to fund their cause.