Spectator Village


Bring your friends and family to enjoy the fun…
Huntingdon Charity 10k Race


From the start we were determined that the Hunts10K would not be just a charity run and we are proud of the support we get for our spectator village from our sponsors, race related services and the local community.
The 2016 Alconbury Weald Spectator Village will have fodd & drink,  stalls and activities to provide runners, their families and friends with entertainment, before, during and after the races.
It is a great opportunity to make a family day out and support local charities and organisations at the same time.

The majority of the stalls will be under cover in a large marquee sponsored by Alconbury Weald so they can be enjoyed whatever the weather!

If you are a charity, local organisation or private enterprise and would like to have a stall in the Spectator Village to let everyone know about your charity or business, and have a chance to fundraise then please get in touch: spectatorvillage@hunts10k.org.uk