We all want a long life but none of us want to get old!

Jessica Autonolder runners


We all know how important exercise is for keeping us healthy and active, but it’s even more important for older people. Exercise for this age group has been shown to slow the signs of ageing and limit the development of heart disease, certain cancers, dementia, diabetes type 2 and other chronic conditions. Research shows starting exercise at any age will be beneficial, so it’s never too late to start, but please seek advice from your Doctor before you embark on a new programme of exercise.
Here are some other health benefits from being more active:

  • It maintains your muscle and strength in your body, which can start to reduce as early as 40 if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. Activity is proven to delay and slow this ageing process.
  • Being active keeps you independent and mobile as you are able to continue doing daily tasks for yourself.
  • The benefits of an enhanced posture will also help your body age well.
  • Keeping your body weight within a healthy range is also benefited with regular exercise, even if it is just a walk in the park daily.
  • Very importantly, particularly for women, it maintains bone density and strength so injury to hips, knees and other joints are less likely to occur and are more manageable if they do happen.  If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident, but you are in good health and fitness, you are more likely to recover quicker and rebuild strength back into the affected area.
  • Being active helps to lower high blood pressure and improves your blood circulation and oxygen supply to all the cells of your body.
  • Remaining active throughout your life will help maintain good cognitive or brain function, which can start to decline in your mid 40s, warding off the signs of dementia.
  • Incorporating activity into your busy daily life brings about an opportunity to de-stress, resulting in a positive sense of wellbeing and self-esteem. Being outside and being active is preferable over indoor activities.